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Objective 4: Design and implementation of a resilient management and control layer for heterogeneous multidomain SDN


Distributed control planes proposed at the state of the art are not adaptable to heterogeneous network deployments. Most of them impose a consistent network-wide state in all controllers and thus generate large control traffic. Furthermore, these solutions do not include resilient and recovery mechanisms.

In this objective, the goal is to design an efficient and global SDN architecture applied onto a heterogeneous environment. At the control layer, the objective includes the definition and design of a SDN architecture for dynamic interworking and coordination of heterogeneous in multi-technology networks. Southbound and East/Westbound protocols SDN protocols have to be adapted for wide multi-technology multidomain networks. Setting up flows across different administrative domains requires agreement on the flow setup procedure, it also requires introducing multidomain authN/Z mechanisms, QoS, service-level agreements across SDN domains, and to exchange reachability and updated capability information to facilitate inter-domain routing. In this objective we will take into account the wired/wireless access networks connected to the core networks (previous objectives), in order to define a global SDN management and control layer.