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Objective 3: Implementation of the software agent to virtualize the OLT operation by the SDN controller


The virtualization of the EPON by the SDN controller leads first to the definition and implementation of a software agent at the OLT that interact with the SDN API in order to allow the collaboration between the SDN and the OLT, mainly because the DBA that allocates the bandwidth allocation to ONUs should be monitored by the central controller. Furthermore, we also foresee that such agent will also be in charge of mapping the class of traffic, requested by the ONU to the OpenFlow paradigm.

The major aim is to implement an SDN agent at the OLT/ONU that could collaborate and interchange with the SDN central controller. So that, it is mandatory to define the functions to be performed and the message interchange process, proposing a new PON/SDN set of requirements considering also security issues and architecture based on a deep analysis of the most recent SDN and Openflow development. The proposed architecture will include the upgrade of the OpenFlow interface that incorporates new OLT/ONU control and management messages maintaining the current QoS.