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ICTON 2015
Title: Modelling the NFV forwarding graph for an optimal network service deployment Authors: Jordi Ferrer Riera, Xavier Hesselbach, Mateusz Zotkiewicz, Maciej Szostak and Juan-Felipe Botero ABSTRACT The NFV is focused at virtualizing network functions such as gateways, path computing devices, resource allocation mechanisms, proxies, firewalls and transcoders, traditionally carried out by specialized hardware devices, and migrating these functions to software-based appliances. In this paper, an analytic model for the NFV forwarding graph is proposed with the aim to optimize the execution time of the network services deployed.
Jitel 2015
Title: Multi constraint network virtualization strategy based on Paths Algebra for non-linear parameters Authors: Xavier Hesselbach, José-Roberto Amazonas, Alejandro Gutiérrez-Anato Abstract- One of the main challenges in network virtualization is the virtual network embedding problem (VNE). The objective of the VNE is to map a set of Virtual Network Requests (VNR) to physical nodes and links. VNR is composed by a set of virtual nodes and links with several demands (traditionally CPU and bandwidth) to be assigned into a set of paths in the substrate network with sufficient resources. Embedding can be optimized with regard to specific metrics. To help solving the VNE problem a mathematical tool has been proposed, called Paths Algebra, to deal with the VNE multi-constraint problem using linear metrics. Most of the existing VNE proposals treat the single-path virtual link-mapping problem as a mono-constraint. This paper studies, analyses and validates the mathematical framework of Path Algebra under selected linear (CPU, bandwidth and energy consumption) and non-linear metrics (availability and packet loss ratio), providing promising performance results.